Hygiene & Safety

Dear guests,

Your health and well-being is our top priority.
At this point we would like to keep you up to date with our hygiene concepts.

Kind regards,
Family Bauer with team



Corona-Etiquette at Bauer Hotel & Restaurant

We refrain from shaking hands and smile even more.

Mask required
Please wear in all public areas a mouth and nose protection mask.
The mark can be removed in the restaurant area as soon as sitting at the table.

Sneezes etiquette
Sneezing and coughing despite a mask in the armpit or in your handkerchief.

Hand disinfection
We have various disinfectant dispensers allocated and ask you please wash your hands with soap regularly for a time period of about 30 seconds.

Distance rule
Please keep in all public areas a distance from 1,5 meters.

Disease symptoms
If you have symptoms, please do not arrive at the Hotel. In this case we would rebook your reservation free of charge.

Bauer team
All employees are equipped with mouth and nose masks and have to wear these.
Employees who do not feel well have to visit a doctor and stay at home.

Hygiene concept for reception and hotel rooms

  • Plexiglass panes are appropriate at the reception.
  • Pens will be disinfected after every guest.
  • Disinfection from room key and room card bevor handed to the guest.
  • Ventilate / Open the windows and balcony door while the whole cleaning time.
  • More intense room cleaning and disinfection the frequent points of contact (Light switch, doorknobs, remote control, water tap, toilets).
  • Every room stays after the departure, as far as the occupany allows, for 24 Hours well ventilated unoccupied.
  • Check Out: to avoid waiting times and crowds, you can pay the bill at the evening before or directly at the check in.
  • The breakfast will be served a la carte at the table.

Hygiene concept for restaurant

  • In order to safeguard the minimum distance of 1,5m, guests may not be seated at every table.
  • Disinfected cutlery.
  • Regular airing such as a good ventilation system.
  • Menus will be removed and replaces by new ones after the ordering process.
  • We try as much as possible not to use objects (for example Salt-, Pepper-, sugar spreader), which are used from many guests.
  • All tables will be disinfected again and professionally cleaned after guests have left.

Hygiene concept for seminar area

  • 1 table with 1 chair per person with distance 1,5 meter.
  • No writing cases.
  • Disinfected pen on a tray/ in a jar; another extra jar for used pens.
  • 1 drink and 1 glass (large bottle of mineral water) per person will be placed on each required seat.
  • It is compulsory to wear a mask outside the seminar room and in all public areas of the Hotel.
  • Coffee break per person will be served in a lunch box.
  • The coffee machine in the break room will be regularly disinfected.
  • Lunch will only be served as menu in a seperate room– tables and chairs in the R.restaurant with distance; 2 guests per table in diagonaly seating order.
  • Disinfectant dispensers in seminar areas.
  • „One way street regulations“ on the floors outside the seminar room.
  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of the seminar room after the end of the meeting/event.
  • Door handles and pulls in the seminar areas will be daily disinfected.
  • The public toilets will be cleaned and disinfected several times each day.
  • The organizer is responsible for the strict compliance of the hygiene measures in the seminar room and for the regular ventilation of the seminar room.
  • The times of contact of the participants will be documented by the organizer.
  • It is not possible to attend a seminar if there are symptoms of respiratory diseases of any kind or of fever.
  • Should guests develop symptoms during their stay they must be instantly isolated and are not allowed to stay in public Hotel rooms or locations. As soon as possible they must terminate their attendance at the seminar.


The following persons are excluded to attend a seminar:

  • Persons who have been in contact to COVID 19 cases during the last 14 days.
  • Persons with unspecific general symptoms and respiratory symptoms (regarding breathing symptoms) of any kind.